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FAQs, Orientation, Registration, E-Submissions, Other Requirements, and References / Links

FAQs Answers common questions and explains the responsibilities of approved institutions. Recommended reading.


  • Learn about the process by attending an orientation session. Attendance is required for all institutions that are new to Illinois. Register online for an Orientation Session.


  • Create a log-in identification and password. Electronic submissions (e-submissions) are required for all applications, notices of intent, and related correspondence submitted to the IBHE. Register online Institution Registration.


  • Notice of Intent (also known as “NOI”) Log-In
  • Application for Authority / Approval Log-In
  • Notification of Institutional Change Log-In
    IBHE created a new notification form for institutional changes (e.g., institution name, address, site, ownership, status as not-for-profit, etc.).
  • Request Program Modification / Change Log-In
    IBHE created a new change request.  The form will allow you to select the approved program and regions where you want to make a modification.  In addition, the form has a  more detailed selection of requests to change an approved program.  The fee charges apply to Illinois Proprietary Institutions and Out-of-State Institutions. These fees must be paid prior to staff analysis of program modifications. An automatic fee calculator will total the fees similar to the calculator used in the operating and degree program approval process.  See New Fee Schedule for more information.  

Other Requirements - see FAQs

 References / Links

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