August 24, 1999

8:30 a.m.

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1. Announcements and Remarks by Chairman Philip J. Rock
2. Remarks by Ted Sanders, President, Southern Illinois University
3. Remarks by Keith R. Sanders, Executive Director
4. Resolution in Honor of Molly D’Esposito, Member, Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees and former Member, Board of Higher Education
5. Committee on Access and Diversity
  1. Presentation by Harold "Bud" Hodgkinson, Co-Director of the Center for Demographic Policy at the Institute for Educational Leadership

Dr. Hodgkinson will present information regarding access and diversity of higher education. (Introduction by Jerry Blakemore)

  1. Future Student Demand and the Capacity in Illinois Higher Education

Through "The Illinois Commitment" higher education has pledged to increase the number and diversity of citizens completing training and education programs. This item examines projections of future student demand and considers the capacity of colleges and universities to meet future demands. The report concludes that enrollment will increase gradually through the year 2020, but that Illinois higher education will not need to make major adjustments in capacity to accommodate the projected enrollment levels. The report further indicates that demographic and social factors will continue to affect statewide enrollment, and that significant changes in programs, services, and delivery mechanisms will be needed. (Presentation by Kathleen Kelly)


Illinois Virtual Campus: Virtual Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

This presentation will provide information on the development of the Illinois Virtual Campus (IVC) and demonstrate how a student will use IVC resources. (Introductions by Keith R. Sanders and Sylvia Manning, Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of Illinois. Presentation by Burks Oakley, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of Illinois.)


University Center of Lake County

  1. University Center of Lake County Update

    (Presentation by Edwin Moore)

  2. The Lake County Multi-University Center: An Update on Recent Activities

Since its founding two and a half years ago, the Multi-University Center of Lake County has shown strong growth. The Center offered 11 courses in five disciplines in spring 1997, compared with 75 courses offered in 16 disciplines in spring 1999. (Presentation by Doug Day)

8. Presentation of Market Research: Employers in Central Illinois Region

This presentation will review the results of market research conducted during summer 1999. Employers in the greater Springfield area were surveyed to gauge (1) their satisfaction with Illinois college graduates, (2) their hiring needs for college graduates over the next 3 to 5 years, and (3) their interest in/or encouragement of the Capital Scholars program proposed by the University of Illinois in Springfield. (Introduction by Keith R. Sanders. Presentation by Peter Trott, Director, Center for Governmental Studies, Northern Illinois University.)


Higher Education Cooperation Act: Fiscal Year 2000 Allocation (Action)

This item includes recommendations for funding 138 proposals totaling $20.4 million. The proposals recommended were selected from a group of nearly 200 proposals submitted by cooperating community colleges, public universities, and independent institutions. (Presentation by Ross Hodel)


Administrative Rules

  1. Proposed Amendments to Rules for State Matching Grant Program (Action)

The proposed changes improve the application and administrative procedures for this program, and allow for allocation of any remaining funds after institutions have submitted their lists of funded projects. (Presentation by Ross Hodel)

  1. Proposed Rules for General Grant Programs (Action)

The proposed rules outline the processes that will be followed in granting funds appropriated to the Board of Higher Education for specific institutions and entities for designated and non-designated purposes. (Presentation by Ross Hodel)

11. Consent Agenda and Information Agenda (Action)

A list of consent agenda and information agenda items follows the regular agenda.

12. Advisory Committee Reports
13. Other Matters
CA-1. Minutes of the June 8, 1999 Board Meeting
CA-2. Financial Report – Office Operations (Debra Smitley)

The Illinois Century Network: Activities Update and Appointment to the Policy Committee

This item provides a brief update on progress to date on the Illinois Century Network. The item includes a recommendation that Keith R. Sanders be appointed by the Board to the Illinois Century Network Policy Board. (Ross Hodel)


General Grants: Fiscal Year 2000

This item authorizes the Executive Director to proceed with the distribution of funds appropriated to the Board of Higher Education for legislative initiatives for fiscal year 2000. A total of $12.0 million was appropriated for grants for 21 institutions or agencies. (Ross Hodel)


New Units at Public Universities

Approval is requested for an off-campus site, an on-campus research center and six degree programs at Illinois State University, Northern Illinois University, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Western Illinois University, University of Illinois at Chicago, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. (Ann Bragg)

CA-6. New Units of Instruction at Community Colleges

Approval is requested for new units of instruction at Belleville Area College and Illinois Valley Community College. (Ann Bragg)

CA-7. New Operating and/or Degree Granting Authority for Independent Institutions

Approval is requested for new programs to be offered by Dominican University, Illinois Institute of Technology, Maryville University of Saint Louis, Moody Bible Institute, and the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. (Ann Bragg)


University Noninstructional Capital Improvements

This item recommends approval for noninstructional capital improvement projects for the University of Illinois. (Debra Smitley)

II-1. Legislative Report: Governor’s Action on Substantive Legislation

This report includes a summary and status of higher education legislation passed during the 1999 spring session of the General Assembly. (Ross Hodel)

II-2. Statewide Analysis for Public University Program Review

This report provides a brief synopsis of basic program data on access and capacity, occupational supply and demand, and program cost and productivity for use by public universities in reviewing academic programs in architecture and design, computer and information sciences, engineering, and the physical sciences. Their program review reports, due in summer 2001, will mark the end of the first eight-year review cycle. (Ann Bragg)

II-3. Appointments to the Committee on Access and Diversity

Jerry D. Blakemore has agreed to serve as chair of the new Committee on Access and Diversity. The Committee will examine issues of access and diversity, and develop recommendations regarding the programs, structures, and delivery mechanisms necessary to meet demands for access to higher education programs. (Doug Day)

II-4. Appointments to the Joint Education Committee

The Joint Education Committee (JEC) is being reconvened to serve as the state’s official P-16 Partnership governing body. (Ann Bragg)