Meeting Agenda

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February 2, 1999

1. Announcements and Remarks by Chairman Jerry D. Blakemore

Resolution of Appreciation for Ramon Martinez, Jr., Member, Illinois Board of Higher Education

2. Remarks by Keith R. Sanders, Executive Director
3. Minutes—December 15, 1998 Board Meeting
4. Consent and Information Agendas

A list of Consent Agenda and Information Items follows the regular agenda items.

5. Advisory Committee Reports
6. Highlights of the Statewide Survey of Public University Seniors in Illinois

This item presents an overview of the results of the statewide telephone survey of 1,180 Illinois public university seniors conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois at Springfield Survey Research Office during fall 1999. This survey is one of four statewide surveys of Illinois residents, opinion leaders, employers, and students, that were part of the Board’s planning initiative "A Citizens’ Agenda for Illinois Higher Education." Survey results show that public university seniors expressed strong satisfaction with their overall university experience, but also indicated areas for improvement. (Presentation by Richard Schuldt, Survey Research Office, University of Illinois at Springfield) 

7. The Illinois Commitment: Partnerships, Opportunities, and Excellence (Action)

This item presents the Illinois Commitment: Partnerships, Opportunities, and Excellence. Previously considered in July and December 1998, the Board will consider six goals that will guide decision-making and budget development in the coming years. The item also proposes state-level actions and expected results associated with each goal that will provide accountability. The report calls upon each college, university, and agency to determine how it will contribute to the Illinois Commitment and how it will be accountable for these contributions.

E-mail Doug Day for additonal information.

8. Refocusing Higher Education Budget Development (Action)

This document recommends Board endorsement of a budget development process that strengthens the link between statewide strategic goals defined in the Illinois Commitment and the development of budget recommendations. The process includes the development of a Statewide Budget Context document early in the process to ensure that institutional budget requests are consistent with and support statewide policy initiatives and budget priorities. Budget Overview Meetings are to be held to build consensus on overall budget priorities and to allow for broad participation. Performance measures will be developed so that each institution can assess its progress toward achieving goals, and report on its contributions to the achievement of statewide goals.

E-mail Mark Wilcockson for additional information.

9. P-16 partnership for educational excellence (Action)

This item proposes a partnership among the Illinois State Board of Education, Illinois Community College Board, and Illinois Board of Higher Education to improve the educational attainment of Illinois citizens across the full educational continuum from P (pre-school) through 16 (the bachelor’s degree) and beyond. The item establishes long-term goals and identifies immediate actions in three priority areas: smoothing the transition from high school to college (College-Ready Kids); improving the recruitment, preparation, and development of classroom teachers (Classroom-Ready Teachers); and expanding the use of technology to improve educational opportunities (Log-on Learning).

E-mail Ann Bragg for additional information.

10. Technology Update 
  • Higher Education Cooperation Act: Telecommunications Grants Fiscal Year 1999 Allocation (Action)
    State appropriations in fiscal years 1994, 1995, and 1997 supported the development and expansion of the Illinois Video Education Network. This network consists of 371 interactive video sites throughout the state on campuses of public universities, community colleges, and independent higher education institutions and in business extension sites, hospitals, high schools and libraries. This item presents an allocation of the fiscal year  1999 appropriation of $15.0 million for completion of this network. The allocation provides for development of 77 additional sites and various network improvements. 

In November 1997, the Board of Higher Education endorsed a plan calling for the creation of the Illinois Century Network, a state-of-the-art, statewide, high-speed backbone. An engineering committee completed a basic design and budget model for the Illinois Century Network in December 1998. This item provides an overview of the engineering report and other activities related to the development of the Illinois Century Network.

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Public universities, community colleges, and the Board of Higher Education continue to update information systems and embedded systems to ensure uninterrupted operations in the year 2000. This item reviews the progress made in preparing for the year 2000.

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11. Report on the University Center of Lake County

(Presentation by Edwin Moore)

12. State Matching Grant Program: Adopted Rules (Action)

This item submits for Board action rules for the administration of the State Matching Grant Program authorized by Public Act 90-730. The State Matching Grant Program provides matching grants to Illinois institutions of higher education for use as incentives in the competition for external grants and contracts.

E-mail Ross Hodel for additional information.

13. Other Matters
14.  Executive Session


Financial Report—Office Operations (Debra Smitley) 


Illinois Financial Assistance Act Fiscal Year Grant 1999 Allocation (Jim Forstall)


New Units of Instruction at Public Universities (Ann Bragg)


New Units of Instruction for Public Community Colleges (Ann Bragg)


New Operating and/or Degree Granting Authority for Independent Institutions (Ann Bragg)


Appropriation Transfers for Fiscal Year 1999 (Debra Smitley)


University Noninstructional Capital Improvement (Debra Smitley)





Notice of Intent to Offer Off-Campus Programs


Revised 1999 Calendar Illinois Board of Higher Education Meetings