February 1, 2000

9:00 a.m.

Announcements and Remarks by Chairman Philip J. Rock
Remarks by Professor Anthony Jones, President, School of the Art Institute
Remarks by Keith R. Sanders, Executive Director
Recommendation Concerning Adult Education:Report on House Resolution 304 (Action)

In the spring 1999 legislative session, House Resolution 304 requested that the agenda and venue for adult education in the state be reviewed by the State Board of Education, the Illinois Community College Board, and the Board of Higher Education. This agenda item recommends the transfer of adult education administration from the State Board of Education to the Illinois Community College Board.(Presentation by Philip J. Rock)

The University Center of Lake County:An Update

This item provides an update of recent efforts by the Board of Higher Education to respond to the educational needs of Lake County and to implement the University Center of Lake County. (Presentation by Philip J. Rock and Keith R. Sanders)

Status Report on Work of the Committee on Access and Diversity (Presentation by Jerry D. Blakemore)
Report on the Joint Education Committee Meeting (Presentation by Jane Williamson and/or Cordelia Meyer)
Full-Time Faculty and Civil Service Salaries at Illinois Colleges and Universities

This report presents analysis of average salaries for full-time faculty and civil service employees at Illinois public and independent colleges and universities, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, and higher education agencies. Colleges and universities and higher education agencies have increased salaries at or above the rate of inflation, although not all sectors have kept pace with increases in Illinois per capita income. In fiscal year 1999 all sectors of Illinois higher education salaries improved in comparison to peer medians, although salaries at Illinois public universities, on average, continue to lag behind their peers by approximately five percent. (Presentation by Mark Wilcockson)

9. Progress Report and Plans for Calendar Year 2000

This item highlights the accomplishments of the Board of Higher Education during the past year with respect to implementing The Illinois Commitment, and outlines plans for focusing the work of the Board and staff during the coming year. (Presentation by Keith R. Sanders)

10. Advisory Committee Reports
11. Consent Agenda
Information Items
13. Other Matters


CA-1. Minutes of the December 14, 1999 Board Meeting
CA-2. Financial Report Ė Office Operations (Debra Smitley)
CA-3. Adopted Rules for Grant Program Administration

This item recommends final adoption of amended rules for administration of the State Matching Grant Program and new rules for administration of General Grant Programs and Graduation Incentive Grants. (Ross Hodel)

CA-4. Graduation Incentive Grants Program: Fiscal Year 2000 Grant Allocation

In the initial year of administration for this program, an allocation of $50,000 is recommended for Western Illinois University based on the number of students with contracts in its Grad Track Program. (Jim Forstall)

CA-5. Illinois Financial Assistance Act: Fiscal Year 2000 Grant Allocation

Allocations totaling $20.6 million are recommended to support the enrollment of Illinois resident undergraduate students at independent Illinois colleges and universities. (Jim Forstall)

CA-6. State Matching Grant Program: Fiscal Year 2000 Grant Allocation

This item proposes allocations totaling $10.0 million for matching grants to stimulate increased federal and corporate research grants at public and private Illinois colleges and universities.(Ross Hodel)

CA-7. New Units of Instruction, Public Service and Research at Public Universities

This item recommends approval for one public university to establish a new baccalaureate program and one to establish a new masterís program on campus, for one public university to offer an existing masterís program off campus, and for one public university to create a new organized research and public service unit. (Diane Gilleland)

CA-8. New Units of Instruction at Public Community Colleges

This item recommends approval of a new associate degree program at one community college. (Diane Gilleland)

CA-9. New Operating and/or Degree Granting Authority for Independent Institutions

Approval is recommended for new operating and/or degree granting authority for Benedictine University and IBEW-NECA Technical Institute. (Diane Gilleland)

CA-10. Public University Noninstructional Project Approval

Approval is recommended for noninstructional capital improvement projects at Eastern Illinois University and Western Illinois University. (Debra Smitley)

CA-11. Authorization to Proceed with Contractual Agreements

This item seeks Board authorization to proceed with contracts and agreements related to the University Center of Lake County and the Illinois Century Network.  (Doug Day, Neil Matkin)


II-1. Overview of Fiscal Year 2002 Budget Development

This item presents the budget development schedule for fiscal year 2002 and solicits input from the higher education community as to budget priorities for advancing the goals of the Illinois Commitment for fiscal year 2002.(Debra Smitley)

II-2. Public University Performance Goals and Measures Developed for FY2000 Program Priorities

Summaries are provided of performance measures developed by public universities for new or expanded institutional initiatives supported with incremental fiscal year 2000 state appropriations and university income funds. (Mark Wilcockson)

II-3. Legislative Report

This item provides a final update on higher education related legislation acted upon by the 91st Illinois General Assembly during the Spring and Fall 1999 legislative sessions. (Ross Hodel)

II-4. Federal Activity Report

This item highlights recent activities designed to enhance the state education agenciesí work with the United States Congress and other federal agencies.(Keith R. Sanders)