October 3, 2000

9:00 a.m.

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1. Announcements and Remarks by Chairman Philip J. Rock
2. Remarks by Ruth M. Smith, President, Highland Community College
3. Remarks by Keith R. Sanders, Executive Director

Presentation of Institutional Results Reports

Reports (17.5mb)

The Illinois Commitment requires higher education institutions and agencies to report annually on their contributions to achieving the six statewide goals. Copies of the executive summary from each institution and agency’s submission are appended to the report as well as examples of their “best practice” initiatives and accomplishments. Institutional representatives will make presentations highlighting selected best practices.  (Introductions by Keith R. Sanders)

5. Increasing Educational Attainment (Action)

This report updates a 1998 Board of Higher Education report on educational attainment. The report addresses strategies for increasing educational attainment, noting new initiatives in the past two years. The report calls for continued pursuit of the goal to increase the number and diversity of citizens completing degree programs and other educational activities.  The report recommends that incentive funding be provided for public universities to offer baccalaureate completion programs in high demand areas through distance education and in cooperation with community colleges.  (Presentation by Diane Gilleland)

6. Investing in the Future: College Readiness in Illinois

This report presents information on activities concerning college readiness and remediation.  It explores the nature of the problem in Illinois and the nation, reviews recent research and activities undertaken by other states, and presents five recommendations concerning what Illinois needs to do to improve student persistence and educational attainment and workplace success. The recommendations address preparation for college level work, curriculum rigor, the provision of remediation programs to postsecondary students, establishing statewide standards in remediation assessment and placement, and the collection of data to guide policy making and develop incentives for increasing college readiness.  (Presentation by Diane Gilleland)

7. Update on P-16 Partnership (Action)

This item provides a status report on various initiatives undertaken as part of Illinois’ P-16 Partnership.  Formalized by the State Board of Education, the Illinois Community College Board, and the Board of Higher Education in March of 1999, this partnership focuses the efforts of the three education boards on smoothing the transition from high school to college (College-Ready Kids), improving the recruitment, preparation and development of classroom teachers (Classroom-Ready Teachers), and increasing learning opportunities through technology (Log-On Learning). (Presentation by Jane Williamson and Cordelia Myer)

8. Committee on Access and Diversity

PowerPoint presentation

An oral report will be presented discussing the research conducted for the report of the Committee on Access and Diversity. (Presentation by Douglass Day)

9. Status Report on Information Technology Workers:  2000 (Action)

This report provides a summary of actions taken by the higher education community to increase the number of persons trained in Information Technology (IT) fields.  During the past five years, Illinois institutions have established a substantial number of new IT programs and are graduating increasing numbers of individuals trained in IT fields.  The Arthur F. Quern Information Technology Grant will offer financial assistance to those who seek IT education and training.  Governor Ryan and the Illinois General Assembly to further higher education’s work in this area have provided financial support for expanding and creating new programs.  (Presentation by Keith R. Sanders)

10. Advisory Committee Reports
11. Consent Agenda
12. Information Items
13. Other Matters
CA-1. Minutes of the August 22, 2000 Meeting
CA-2. Financial Report
CA-3. Allocations for Fiscal Year 2001 Grants

This item requests authorization for the Executive Director of the Board of Higher Education to proceed with the distribution of fiscal year 2001 state funds for the University Center of Lake County and for classroom renovation at Roosevelt University.  (Ross Hodel)

CA-4 New Units of Instruction, Public Service and Research at Public Universities

This item recommends approval for Northern Illinois University to establish the following off-campus degree programs:  M.S. in Management Information Systems and an Ed.D. in Instructional Technology.  (Diane Gilleland)

CA-5 New Operating and/or Degree-Granting Authority for Independent Institutions

This item recommends operating and/or degree granting authority for the following institutions:  Career Colleges of Chicago, DePaul University, DeVry Institute of Technology, Lewis University, Saint Augustine College, and Westwood College of Technology-River Oaks.  (Diane Gilleland)

CA-6 New Units of Instruction at Public Community Colleges

This item recommends approval for new Associate in Applied Science programs at the College of DuPage, Heartland Community College, Illinois Central College, Joliet Junior College, and Richland Community College.  (Diane Gilleland)

CA-7 Public University Noninstructional Project Approval

This item recommends approval for noninstructional capital improvement projects at Western Illinois University and at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  (Debra Smitley)





II-1. Fiscal Year 2002 Budget Development Update

This item presents an update of activities related to the development of the fiscal year 2002 budget recommendations.  (Debra Smitley)

II-2. Study of Higher Education Finance:  Update

This item presents an update on the work of the Steering Committee assigned to prepare a study of higher education finance.  (Debra Smitley)

II-3. Federal Activity Report

This item presents a summary of the work undertaken by a Washington, D.C.-based consulting firm on behalf of the State Board of Education, Illinois Community College Board, and the Board of Higher Education.  (Ross Hodel)