April 10, 2001

9:00 a.m.

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1. Announcements and Remarks by Chairman Philip J. Rock
2. Remarks by Patricia Granados, Acting President, Triton College
3. Remarks by Keith R. Sanders, Executive Director
4. Report to the Governor and General Assembly on Underrepresented Groups in Illinois Higher Education

Underrepresented Groups Report (pdf 3.6Mb)

This annual report presents information on minority, female, and disabled students and staff at Illinois colleges and universities. (Presentation by David Smith)

5. Report of the Committee on Access and Diversity (Action)

The Committee will present a draft of its report, Gateway to Success: Rethinking Access and Diversity for a New Century.  (Presentation by Jerry D. Blakemore)

6. Legislative Report

This item presents an update on spring 2001 session legislative activity. (Presentation by Ross Hodel)

7. Governor Ryan’s Fiscal Year 2002 Budget (Action)

Governor Ryan’s fiscal year 2002 budget includes $157 million in new state general funds for higher education operations and grants—a 6.3 percent increase over fiscal year 2001.  Governor Ryan asked the Board of Higher Education to prepare an allocation of his budget for operations and grants.  The Board of Higher Education’s fiscal year 2002 budget recommendations served as the base upon which the allocation proposed in this item was developed.  The allocation of Governor Ryan’s budget includes new funding of $5.1 million to sustain economic growth; $4.7 million to improve teaching and learning; $13.8 million to improve affordability; $10.7 million to increase access and diversity; $107 million for initiatives to strengthen quality; and $15.8 million for accountability and productivity.  Governor Ryan’s fiscal year 2002 capital plan includes $445.8 million for projects at Illinois colleges and universities.  Presentation by Debra Smitley)

8. Setting a Context for Fiscal Year 2003 Budget Development (Action)

This item presents the initiatives that will receive priority consideration in the development of the fiscal year 2003 budget recommendations.  Priority items are listed in accordance with their relationship to advancing the six statewide goals of The Illinois Commitment.  (Presentation by Debra Smitley)

9. Study of the Educational Needs of East St. Louis:  Summary and Recommendations (Action)

This report includes a summary of the findings and recommendations of the Committee that conducted the study of the educational needs of the East St. Louis Metropolitan area.  The Committee will present its report and recommendations to the House of Representatives on March 31.   The study was conducted in response to House Resolution 728.  (Presentation by Jim Kaplan and Ross Hodel)

10. Report to the General Assembly in Response to House Resolution 19 (Action)

House Resolution 19 directed the Board of Higher Education to conduct an inquiry into issues surrounding the Master of Social Work degree at Governors State University.  This report, submitted to the General Assembly on March 15, 2001, examines the reasons that candidacy for accreditation of Governors State University’s Master of Social Work was denied; the efforts by the University to address reasons for denial; the extent to which students were informed as to the status of the program; and options to address the needs of students enrolled in the program.  The report presents a series of recommended actions for the General Assembly and the Board of Higher Education to take to avoid such occurrences at any public university in the future.  The report recommends that the Board of Higher Education change its own policies and practices to review, within three years of approval, new programs that require accreditation for licensure.  (Presentation by Jim Kaplan and Diane Gilleland)

11. Commission on Persistence and Degree Completion:  Appointment of Members and Study Plan (Action)

In February 2001, the Board of Higher Education called for the appointment of a Commission on Persistence and Degree Completion as part of a plan to fulfill the promise of The Illinois Commitment and to sustain the state’s leading position in the national report card for higher education produced by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education.  This item recommends approval of members to the Commission, and directs it to describe and explain the issues related to persistence and degree completion, formulate specific policy objectives for improving persistence and degree completion, identify and assess strategies for attaining those objectives, and recommend a plan of action, new or revised statewide policies, and budget priorities for fiscal year 2003.  (Presentation by Keith R. Sanders)

12. Establishment and Appointment of a Committee to Study Part-time and Nontenure-Track Faculty at Public Institutions (Action)

House Joint Resolution 19, adopted by the General Assembly in November 2000, directs the Board of Higher Education to undertake  a study of the use and compensation of part-time and nontenure-track faculty.  This item recommends appointment of a committee to undertake this study and presents a charge to the committee.  (Presentation by Keith R. Sanders)

13. Committee on Statewide Capital Policies and Priorities:  Charge and Appointment of Members (Action)

In February 2001, the Board of Higher Education called for a comprehensive review of statewide capital policy priorities. This item recommends appointment of a committee to conduct the review, and charges the committee with specific responsibilities related to the study.(Presentation by Keith R. Sanders)

14. Consent and Information Agenda (Action)
15. Advisory Committee Reports
16. Executive Session
17. Other Matters
CA-1. Minutes from the February 6, 2001 Meeting
CA-2. Financial Report
CA-3. Illinois Cooperative Work Study Program Fiscal Year 2001 Grant Allocations

This item recommends approval of an allocation of $2.1 million under the Illinois Cooperative Work Study Program.  The allocation supports 44 projects that will assist approximately 2,900 Illinois resident undergraduate students in programs that link work and academic experiences.  (Carolyn Lorton)

CA-4 Health Services Education Grants Act – Fiscal Year 2001 Grant Allocation

This item recommends approval of the allocation of $18.2 million in Health Services Education Grants to 64 institutions. (Terry Nunn)

CA-5 New Units of Instruction, Public Service and Research at Public Universities

This item recommends approval for Chicago State University to offer a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing and for the University of Illinois at Chicago to offer a Master of Public Health degree off-campus. (Diane Gilleland)

CA-6 New Operating and/or Degree-Granting Authority for Independent Institutions

This item recommends approval for Franklin University to offer statewide the following baccalaureate programs:  Health Care Management, Public Safety Management, Technical Management, Computer Science, and Management Information Systems.  (Diane Gilleland)

CA-7 New Units of Instruction at Public Community Colleges

This item recommends approval for new Associate in Applied Science programs at Kaskaskia College, Richland Community College, and Rock Valley College.(Diane Gilleland)

CA-8 Appropriation Transfers for Fiscal Year 2001

This item recommends the transfer of $35,000 among various appropriated line items for the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.  (Sharon Ward)

CA-9 Illinois Century Network Regional Technology Center Fiscal Year 2001 Grant Addendum

This item recommends allocation of $350,000 from the appropriation for the Illinois Century Network to the Southern Illinois Collegiate Common Market.(Neil Matkin)

CA-10 Public University Noninstructional Project Approval

This item recommends approval for construction of a Softball Complex at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and a National Corn to Ethanol Research Pilot Plant at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.  (Sharon Ward)


II-1. Board of Higher Education Meeting Calendar 2001-2002

This item provides the dates and locations for Board of Higher meetings for the remainder of 2001 and for calendar year 2002.