August 21, 2001

9:00 a.m.

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1. Announcements and Remarks by Chairman Philip J. Rock
2. Remarks by Louis V. Hencken, Interim President, Eastern Illinois University
3. Remarks by Keith R. Sanders, Executive Director

Report of the Committee on Access and Diversity (Action)

In April 2001, the Board received the first draft of the Committee’s report, which was widely circulated among members of the Illinois higher education community and other interested persons. At that time, the Board directed the Committee to consult with representatives from Illinois colleges and universities, students, faculty, and other interested persons about the Committee’s recommendations and consider revisions, if appropriate.  The report, “Gateway to Success:  Rethinking Access and Diversity for a New Century,” as revised, is presented for the Board’s approval.  (Presentation by Jerry D. Blakemore)

Final Report of the committee on Access and Diversity (203KB)


Overview of Proposed Knight Higher Education Collaborative Roundtable for Illinois (Action)

The Knight Higher Education Collaborative has asked the Board of Higher Education to sponsor a statewide higher education roundtable for the purpose of convening policy makers and opinion leaders to deliberate on a currently relevant issue.  Initial conversations between the Board and Knight Collaborative staffs have focused on the interrelationship between the goals of “The Illinois Commitment” and the state’s continued success on the national report card as the primary theme for the roundtable, to be held in October 2001.  This item recommends that the Board endorse participation in the proposed roundtable and that the staff proceed with planning activities.  (Presentation by Daniel Layzell)


Higher Education Cooperation Act Fiscal Year 2002 Grant Allocations (Action)

This item recommends an allocation of the fiscal year 2002 appropriations totaling $19.6 million for grants under the Higher Education Cooperation Act.  The lead institutions/agencies for the recommended projects include all public universities, 47 community colleges, 21 independent colleges and universities, and 12 consortia.  A total of 134 competitive projects are recommended for funding—77 short-term projects and 57 long-term projects.  The recommended projects support the goals of  “The Illinois Commitment.”  (Presentation by Terry Nunn)


The Illinois Articulation Initiative:  Annual Report

May 2001 marked the beginning of the fourth year of implementing the transferable General Education Core Curriculum of the Illinois Articulation Initiative designed to ease transfer for students among Illinois colleges and universities.  Since January 1993, faculty panels also have developed lists of appropriate courses to be taken by lower division students in preparation for transferring into the 26 most popular baccalaureate majors.  This item reviews the current status of the IAI.  (Presentation by Diane Gilleland)

8. Full-Time Faculty and Civil Service Salaries at Illinois Colleges and Universities

This report presents an analysis of weighted average faculty and civil service salaries for full-time employees at Illinois public and independent colleges and universities, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, and higher education agencies for fiscal years 1990, 1995, and 1999 through 2001.  Fiscal year 2001 was the second year of the Retaining Critical Faculty and Staff initiative.  Funds for this initiative have been instrumental in improving statewide faculty salaries at public universities to 96 percent of peer medians.  Faculty salaries at community colleges in fiscal year 2001 exceeded faculty salaries at community colleges in selected states by nearly 17 percent, and faculty salaries at independent institutions were over five percent higher than peer group medians.

Increases in faculty salaries at Illinois public universities and independent institutions have kept pace with inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), but have not kept pace with increases in Illinois per capita income.  Average faculty salaries at community colleges increased at rates less than the CPI for two of the three time periods examined in this report, and lagged behind increases in Illinois per capita income.   (Presentation by Debra Smitley)

9. Illinois Century Network Update (Action)

This item seeks approval of two matters related to the Illinois Century Network (ICN).  The first relates to an Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement that further defines the responsibilities of the State Board of Education and the Board of Higher Education with respect to the ICN, and the second recommends the appointment of an alternative representative to the Illinois Century Network Policy Committee.  (Presentation by Neil Matkin)


Proposed Changes to Student Fee Policies (Action)

This item recommends changes to the Board’s policies to ensure adequate student involvement on fee matters while preserving recognized institutional governance authorities.  (Presentation by Debra Smitley)

11. Committee on Statewide Capital Policies and Priorities:  Update This oral report will provide an update on the work of the Board’s Committee on Statewide Capital Policies and Priorities.  (Presentation by Bob English)
12. Consent and Information Agenda (Action)
13. Advisory Committee Reports
14. Executive Session
15. Other Matters
CA-1. Board Meeting Minutes – June 5, 2001 
CA-2. Financial Report
CA-3. State Matching Grant Program-Fiscal Year 2002 Grant Allocation  

This item recommends an allocation of the fiscal year 2002 appropriation of $10.0 million for the State Matching Grant Program.  These grants, which are recommended for 14 institutions, are designed to stimulate increased federal and corporate research funds and to improve the research capabilities of participating institutions.  (Carolyn Lorton)

CA-4. General Grants-Fiscal Year 2002 Allocations

This item recommends that the Executive Director proceed with the distribution of certain appropriations made to the Board of Higher Education on behalf of a number of other educational institutions and entities.  (Carolyn Lorton)

CA-5. New Units of Instruction at Public Community Colleges

This item recommends approval of new associate degree programs for Joliet Junior College, Kaskaskia College, Rend Lake College, Rock Valley College, and Southwestern Illinois College.  (Diane Gilleland)

CA-6 New Units of Instruction, Public Service and Research at Public Universities

This item recommends approval of the following:  M.A. and M.S. in Historical Archaeology, a Special Education Assistive Technology Center, and Adlai E. Stevenson II Center for Community and Economic Development at Illinois State University; B.A. in Women’s Studies at Northeastern Illinois University; M.S.Ed. in Educational Research and Evaluation at Northern Illinois University; and M.A. in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration at Western Illinois University to be offered off-campus.  (Diane Gilleland)

CA-7 New Operating and/or Degree-Granting Authority for Independent Institutions

This item recommends operating and/or degree-granting authority for the following institutions:  Benedictine University, Chicago School of Professional Psychology, DePaul University, ITT Technical Institute at Burr Ridge, ITT Technical Institute at Mount Prospect, ITT Technical Institute at Matteson, and Roosevelt University.  (Diane Gilleland)

CA-8 Public University Noninstructional Project Approval

This item recommends approval for noninstructional capital improvement projects at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.  (Sharon Ward)

II-1. Legislative Update

This item provides an update of the Governor’s action on higher education related bills passed by the General Assembly during the spring 2001 legislative session.  (Debra Smitley)

II-2. Update on Board Study of Part-time and Nontenure-Track Faculty at Public Universities

This item provides an update on activities being undertaken as part of the study of the policies and practices affecting the use and compensation of part-time and nontenure-track faculty at public universities.  (Douglass Day)

II-3. Fiscal Year 2003 Budget Development Update

This item presents an update on activities related to the development of the fiscal year 2003 budget recommendations.  The Board’s staff will begin a series of budget overview meetings with campus and agency representatives in September to discuss fiscal year 2003 operations and grants and capital improvement budget requests.  (Debra Smitley)

II-4. Dental Education Study Status Report

House Resolution 334 directs the Board of Higher Education, in consultation with Deans of the dental schools at Southern Illinois University and the University of Illinois at Chicago, to study issues facing dental education in Illinois.  This item presents a status report and a general outline for the report, which will be undertaken in two phases.  The first phase of the report, which will be submitted to the General Assembly on October 1, 2001, will address recruitment and retention of qualified dental school faculty; technical and equipment needs; retention of dental school graduates in Illinois; and the role of research.  The second phase, which will be completed in January 2002, will focus on the recruitment and retention of qualified faculty for other oral health care programs. (Diane Gilleland)