June 4, 2002
9:00 a.m.

University of Illinois
   Rooms B and C
Illini Union

1. Announcements and Remarks by Chairman Steven H. Lesnik
2. Election of Vice-Chair, Board of Higher Education (Action)
3. Remarks by Nancy Cantor, Chancellor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Remarks by Daniel J. LaVista, Executive Director


Resolution Honoring John Thompson (Action)


Advisory Committee Reports


Legislative Report

A. Fiscal Year 2003 Budget
This item provides information concerning the fiscal year 2003 appropriations for higher education. The General Assembly had not completed its work on the fiscal year 2003 budget when materials for the Illinois Board of Higher Education meeting were finalized. A report will be available at the Board meeting. (Presentation by Debra Smitley)

Power Point Presentation

B. Substantive Legislation
This item provides a summary of legislation considered during the 2002 spring session of the General Assembly. The report includes summaries of bills of interest to the higher education community, and the status of each bill. A report will be available at the Board meeting. (Presentation by Ross Hodel)


Establishing Performance Indicators to Assess Progress Toward Meeting the Goals of The Illinois Commitment: Status Report
In December 2001, the Illinois Board of Higher Education approved a proposed methodology and process regarding the development and implementation of performance indicators to help assess how well Illinois' system of higher education is meeting the six major goals of "The Illinois Commitment." An advisory committee, comprised of representatives of Illinois public universities, community colleges, and private institutions, has been established to provide guidance to the Board on the development of performance indicators. This item chronicles the progress to date of the advisory committee and identifies its next steps. (Presentation by Dan Layzell)

9. Implementation of the Report on Access and Diversity: Recent Activities
This item describes three conferences the Board of Higher Education sponsored this spring to advance the recommendations of the Committee on Access and Diversity. The daylong conferences examined issues pertaining to the legal use of race and ethnic criteria in admissions and financial aid decisions by public colleges and universities, and addressed the needs of students with limited-English proficiency and students with disabilities. (Presentation by Doug Day)

Report to the Governor and General Assembly on Underrepresented Groups in Illinois Higher Education
This annual report presents information on minority, female, and disabled students and staff at Illinois colleges and universities. The report shows that Hispanic undergraduate and graduate/professional enrollment increased by over six percent during the past year, while undergraduate and graduate/professional enrollment of Black students increased by almost three percent. The total number of degrees awarded to Hispanic students increased by almost four percent, while the total number of degrees awarded Black students increased by over four percent. The report also provides information on underrepresented students' perceptions of campus climate, and highlights statewide and institutional initiatives undertaken during the past year to improve student and staff representation. (Presentation by David Smith)

Full Report

11. Assessing the Affordability of Illinois Higher Education
This item provides information on current Board policies related to affordability as well as the findings of relevant recent national and state studies. The trends and studies highlighted in this item indicate some areas of concern for the continued affordability of Illinois higher education. This item outlines proposed next steps for addressing affordability-related issues. (Presentation by Dan Layzell)

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12. Academic Program Development in the Context of Workplace Shortages
Recent reports have highlighted shortages of workers in a variety of areas, such as teacher education, engineering, dentistry, pharmacy, and information technology. Shortages in specific areas often are the result of short-term economic conditions and the working conditions of a particular profession, e.g., teaching and nursing. This report places the shortage issue in the context of important changes in demographics and changes in workplace structure. (Presentation by Gary Alexander)
13. Noninstructional Capital Projects (Action)
State statutes require state-supported institutions to submit their plans for noninstructional capital improvements to the Illinois Board of Higher Education for approval prior to beginning the projects. This item proposes a series of guidelines to assist institutions in preparing materials for submission to the Board, and to facilitate the review of requests and preparation of agenda items for Board consideration. (Presentation by Debra Smitley)
14. Consent Agenda (Action)
15. Other Matters
CA-1. Board Meeting Minutes - April 2, 2002
CA-2. Financial Report

Illinois Consortium for Educational Opportunity Program - Fiscal Year 2003 Allocation of Financial Awards
This item recommends an allocation for the anticipated fiscal year 2003 appropriation for financial awards authorized by the Illinois Consortium for Educational Opportunity Act. The program provides financial assistance to minority graduate students in Illinois public and private institutions to advance the goal of increasing the number of minority faculty and staff in Illinois colleges and universities. The allocation reflects awards for 46 new recipients and 117 continuing recipients. (Terry Nunn)


Dwight D. Eisenhower Professional Development Program - Fiscal Year 2002 Grant Allocation
Eisenhower Professional Development grants support professional development activities aimed at improving teacher quality through high quality professional development for teachers of mathematics and science in K-12 schools. This item requests approval of an allocation of $1.07 million in unexpended funds from the fiscal year 2002 appropriation for this federal grant program. Allocations are recommended for 20 additional projects. (Terry Nunn)


New Units of Instruction at Public Community Colleges
This item recommends approval for new programs at Elgin Community College, Illinois Valley Community College, Morton College, Southwestern Illinois College, and Waubonsee Community College. (Diane Gilleland)


New Operating and/or Degree-Granting Authority for Independent Institutions
This item recommends approval for operating and/or degree granting-authority to the following: DePaul University, Robert Morris College, Trinity Medical Center, and Webster University. (Diane Gilleland)


Public University Capital Projects Approval
This item recommends approval for two University of Illinois capital projects: a Structural Biology Building in Chicago and a Remote Library Storage Facility in Urbana-Champaign. (Sharon Ward)


Public University Noninstructional Project Approval
This item recommends approval of a land acquisition project for Southern Illinois University Carbondale. (Sharon Ward)

CA-9 Appropriation Transfer for Fiscal Year 2002
This item recommends approval of a transfer of $50,000 between line item appropriations to the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. (Sharon Ward)
CA-10 Illinois Century Network: Appointment to Policy Committee
This item recommends the appointment of Daniel J. LaVista as the Board of Higher Education's representative to the Illinois Century Network Policy Committee. (Daniel J. LaVista)
CA-11 Tax Deferred Annuity Plan
This item recommends a new voluntary tax-deferred retirement plan for staff of the Illinois Board of Higher Education. (Peggy Podlasek)