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October 7, 2003
9:00 a.m.

Southern Illinois University
Morris University Center, Meridian Hall
Edwardsville, Illinois

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1. Call Meeting to Order, Chairman James L. Kaplan
2. Announcements and Remarks, Chairman James L. Kaplan

Remarks by James E. Walker, President, Southern Illinois University and David Werner, Chancellor, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

4. Remarks by Daniel J. LaVista, Executive Director

Advisory Committee Reports
Committees that advise the Illinois Board of Higher Education will comment on their respective committee's perspectives and observations concerning items on the meeting agenda. (Presentations by Allan Karnes, Faculty Advisory Council; Jeff Twardowski, Student Advisory Committee; Ronald Taylor, Proprietary Advisory Committee; Terry Ludwig, Council of Community College Presidents; and Donald Fouts, Private College and University Advisory Committee.)


Report and Recommendations of the Committee to Review Health Professions Education Programs (Action)
The report concludes that the current policies are adequate and should be maintained. The report recommends adjustments to the Board's priorities and guidelines to reflect current statewide needs in the health professions. Adjustments to these priorities will necessitate changes to the programs currently supported under the Health Services Education Grants Act (HSEGA) program, ensuring that state resources are targeted to those areas of highest need. The Committee recommends that health professions policies and priorities be reviewed every four years, new grant categories to address emerging needs for doctoral programs in nursing and physical therapy, and additional accountability measures for the HSEGA program. (Presentation by James L. Kaplan)


2003 Compilation of Master Plan Policies for Illinois Higher Education (Action)
This item presents an updated compilation of the policies of the Illinois Board of Higher Education. The document builds upon the "1997 Master Plan Policies for Illinois Higher Education" document by adding those policies and statewide goals adopted by the Board since 1997. (Presentation by Debra Smitley)


Committee on Capital Policies and Priorities: Reconvene Committee (Action)
This item recommends that the Committee on Capital Policies and Priorities reconvene. (Presentation by Jim Kaplan)


Presentation of Institutional Results Reports
This item describes the purpose of the Results Report, identifies the institutions and agencies submitting reports, and identifies the Best Practice presentations to be given at the meeting. The following institutions have been chosen from among those submitting reports for their exemplary best practices: Southern Illinois University Carbondale, North Central College, and Harold Washington College. (Introductions by Gary Alexander)


A Proposed Scope and Process for Reviewing The Illinois Commitment (Action)
This item proposes that the Illinois Board of Higher Education undertake as a Committee of the Whole a mid-term assessment of "The Illinois Commitment." The review will consider the six current statewide goals, the related actions and results/accountability steps. The review will identify the current status/progress of these activities as well as any modifications that are necessary. (Presentation by Dan Layzell)


State Matching Grant Program - Fiscal Year 2004 Allocation (Action)
This item recommends approval of the allocation of the fiscal year 2004 appropriation of $9.5 million for the State Matching Grant Program. State Matching grants are provided to Illinois colleges and universities to attract federal and corporate research funding and to improve the research capabilities of participating institutions. In fiscal year 2004, grants are recommended for 15 eligible institutions. (Presentation by Terry Nunn)

12. Authorization to Proceed with Fiscal Year 2004 Grant to Western Illinois University (Action)
This item authorizes the Executive Director to proceed with the administration of a grant to Western Illinois University. A total of $200,000 is specifically identified among the fiscal year 2004 appropriations to the Illinois Board of Higher Education. Grant funds will be used for planning and initial renovation of donated facilities. (Presentation by Debra Smitley)

Proposed Amendments to Rules - Health Services Education Grants Act Program (Action)
This item recommends changes to the administrative rules for the Health Services Education Grants Act. The changes correspond to the recommendations contained in the Report from the Committee on Health Professions Education Programs. (Presentation by Debra Smitley)


New Units of Instruction at Public Community Colleges (Action)
This item recommends approval of new associate degrees at Illinois Valley Community College, Kishwaukee College, and Southwestern Illinois College. (Presentation by Gary Alexander)


New Units of Instruction, Public Service and Research at Public Universities (Action)
This item recommends approval of a B.S. in Entrepreneurship and Master of Arts in Real Estate at the University of Illinois Chicago and a Master of Science in Human Factors and Doctor of Audiology at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. (Presentation by Gary Alexander)

16. New Operating and/or Degree-Granting Authority for Independent Institutions (Action)
This item recommends operating and/or degree-granting authority for the following institutions: Argosy University/Chicago, Argosy University/Chicago Northwest, DeVry University, Harrington Institute of Design, Kendall College, and New York Institute of Technology. (Presentation by Gary Alexander)
17. Consent Agenda (Action)
18. Other Matters/Public Comment Period
CA-1. Board Meeting Minutes - August 12, 2003
CA-2. Financial Report

Public University Noninstructional Project Approval
This item recommends approval for noninstructional capital improvement projects at Southern Illinois University and Northeastern Illinois University. (Sharon Ward)

II-1. The Illinois Articulation Initiative: Annual Report 2002-2003
The Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) was designed to ease transfer for students among Illinois colleges and universities. The General Education Core Curriculum (GECC), implemented in the summer of 1998, marked the end of the fifth year of implementation in May 2003. In addition to the adoption of the GECC, 27 major panels also have been convened. This item reviews the current status of the IAI, highlights the past year's activities, and considerations for the future. (Gary Alexander)
II-2. Salaries and Fringe Benefits at Illinois Colleges and Universities
This two-part report presents an analysis of full-time faculty salaries and non-salary benefits at Illinois public and private colleges and universities. Part A reports that public university faculty salaries averaged $65,100 in fiscal year 2003, an increase of 5.9 percent over fiscal year 2001. Average public university faculty salaries were 5.3 percent below peer group medians in fiscal year 2003. Average salaries for faculty at independent institutions increased by 3.9 percent between fiscal years 2001 and 2003, bringing the total average salary to $72,600.

Average faculty salaries at Illinois independent institutions are 5.3 percent greater than the median salary of peer institutions. The average faculty salary at Illinois' community colleges in fiscal year 2003 was $55,900, an increase of 3.6 percent over fiscal year 2001. The measure of Illinois' community college average faculty salaries as a percent of comparative state's average salaries has dropped steadily throughout the years examined in this report, from 111.2 percent in fiscal year 1999 to 105.7 percent in fiscal year 2003.

Non-salary benefits represent a significant commitment by institutions, and in the case of public institutions, a commitment on behalf of the state. In fiscal year 2003, faculty members at public universities in Illinois averaged $14,800 in fringe benefits. Illinois community college faculty fringe benefits averaged $14,000, while private institutions in Illinois report an average of $24,200. (Dan Layzell)
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