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June 3, 2014 1:00 p.m.

Lewis University
One University Parkway
Academic Building, University Dining Room
Romeoville, IL

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I. Call to Order

  • 1. Call Meeting to Order, Chair Lindsay Anderson
  • 2. Welcome by President, Brother James Gaffney
  • 3. Welcome and remarks by Chair Lindsay Anderson
  • 4. Remarks by Executive Director Dr. James L. Applegate
  • 5. Resolution Honoring Justin McDermott
  • 6. Resolution Honoring Adrian Miller
  • 7. Advisory Committee Report – Dave Tretter, Independent College Presidents Council

II. Action Team Reports

  • Increasing Influence
  • Improving Affordability
  • Reducing Gaps
  • Increasing Adult Completions Aligned with Economic Needs

III. The Illinois Public Agenda for College and Career Success

  • 8.“Educating Illinois’ Current Workforce”
    A discussion with IBHE Increasing Adult Completions Action Team, Dr. Scott Campbell, Vice President for Higher Education, The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), Dr. Karen Hunter Anderson, Executive Director, Illinois Community College Board, and Dr. Elaine Maimon, President, Governors State University
  • 9. PARCC Statement of Support
    Illinois is in the midst of implementing the New Illinois Learning Standards (Common Core State Standards) and it is the PARCC assessment. Attached is a joint statement recently issued in support of that implementation by IBHE, ICCB, and ISAC. More rigorous standards that are tied to the readiness expectations of our colleges and internationally bench-marked will dramatically improve the readiness of high school graduates. This supports Board priorities for increased affordability (e.g., by reducing the need for developmental education) and increased access and success for low income students and students of color. This discussion is intended to raise any questions or concerns the Board may have about implementation and, if appropriate, identify ways the Board and Agency can best support implementation.

IV. Action Item

  • 10. Illinois Board of Higher Education Board Resolution Encouraging Illinois Colleges and Universities to Implement Guided Pathways to Success
    Working with Complete College America, the Lieutenant Governor’s office, and others, the Board has launched “Guided Pathways to Success” (GPS) initiatives in Illinois. GPS programs have been proven to dramatically improve student success, especially for low income and students of color, at sites across the country. With this item, the Board is being asked to endorse and promote the implementation of pathways programs at scale across Illinois higher education. Similar pathways resolutions have been endorsed by the ICCB and the ISAC Board. The resolution calls for a statewide approach that will enable us to better coordinate many excellent pathways initiatives now going on in relative isolation in Illinois. That collaboration will better position us to seen external support for our work from interested funders. Pathways programs will support Board priorities for increased affordability (through reduced credits to degree), reduced gaps for low income students and students of color, and increased college completion for adults (through accelerated pathways to employment).

V. Program Reviews

VI. Consent Agenda

VII. Information Items

VIII. Public Comment

IX. Other Matters

X. Adjournment

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