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IBHE Faculty Fellows Program

The IBHE Faculty Fellows Program is for selected faculty members of public and private institutions of higher education in Illinois.  This program was proposed by the Faculty Advisory Council to the Board as a new opportunity for faculty to conduct research relevant to higher education in Illinois and for the faculty to gain a perspective on higher education policies and priorities.  Fellowships will be awarded on a competitive basis for the purpose of encouraging research in specified higher education topics and professional development for the mutual benefit of the Board, the institution of higher education, and the faculty member.  

The faculty fellow may spend one or two semesters to conduct targeted research, participate in meetings, and carry out other activities appropriate to the goals of his/her fellowship.  The fellow may participate in the program under a number of possible scenarios including the following: as a regular academic sabbatical; as part of a research project; or as tasked by the appropriate authorities at his/her home institution to gain additional knowledge and experience in a specific area related to higher education.  By participating in Board staff activities the fellow will gain a perspective on higher education policies and priorities that can be shared with the home institution and the Faculty Advisory Council.

Eligibility & Application

An eligible applicant for the fellowship must be a full time faculty member employed by a public or private higher education institution in Illinois that is approved or authorized by law. The applicant must have research experience and expertise in one or more of the Potential Research Topics (see below). The research proposal must be submitted in a timely manner using the specified forms shown below. Fellowship proposals must be approved by the appropriate authorities at the faculty member’s home institution.   

The IBHE is currently accepting applications with the expectation that fellows may apply for one term or for consecutive terms based on their proposed research. The budgeted stipend from the Board is $2,500 per term and will be available for one or two fellows.

Applications will be accepted year-round.


The Steering Committee, consisting of three representatives from the Board staff and three representatives from the Faculty Advisory Council and chaired by a member of the Board staff, will review the proposals submitted by eligible applicants, and recommend faculty members to the Board’s Executive Director for the upcoming academic terms.  


Both the higher education institution of the faculty fellow and the Board will provide resources to the selected fellows.  Faculty salaries and benefits for the duration of each fellowship are the primary responsibility of the faculty’s home institution.  The Board will provide a stipend to assist with travel, housing, and other related expenses.  Availability and need for resources such as computers and office space must be addressed in the applicant’s proposal and requests will be resolved prior to the beginning of a fellowship. 

The faculty fellow will have a primary contact person at the Board office and may work with the staff member most closely aligned with the faculty member’s research and expertise.  For the duration of the fellowship, a fellow will be treated like a member of the senior staff and participate in staff activities.  While a fellow may participate in the routine activities of the staff including meetings of the senior staff, the fellow will not be utilized as replacement for regular staff.

Application Materials
  • Application Form and Application Directions [Word] [PDF]
  • Potential Research Topics [PDF]
  • Submit your questions to Gretchen Lohman at
  • Faculty Advisory Council Proposal, May 2013 [PDF]
  • Board of Higher Education Approval [PDF]
  • Announcement of New Program [PDF]
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