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FY 2006 No Child Left Behind Project Profiles
Project Director Co-Director Lead Institution Project Title High Need Districts Partnership Web Address
Donna McCaw   Western Illinois University A Formula for Success: ISAMS      
Andrew Isaacs   University of Chicago Chicago Teachers Project      
Eve Boles   U of I at Chicago Developing Leadership to Sustain Change III      
William Hunter Steve Holman  Illinois State University Science Teachers Excellence Partnership (STEP III)      
David Slavsky David Slavsky  Loyola University of Chicago Content & Implementation: Parallel Strategies for Improving Science Education in Chicago Public Schools      
Jan Alexander   Northeastern Illinois University Learning Together      
Ava Belisle-Chatterjee   Columbia College Chicago The Chicago Bilingual Summer Mathematics Lab Using Instruction in ESL & Art to Expand Access to Standards Based Mathematics Teaching & Learning      
John Baldwin   U of I at Chicago The UIC Initiative for Math and Science Teacher Content Education      
Evangeline Pianfetti  U of I at Urbana/Champaign The TIMeS Project: A Technology-Intensive Mathematics and Science Model for Improving Instruction in High Needs Schools     Web Site
Wendy Thomas-Williams   Northeastern Illinois University Interactive Teaching and Learning Communities Math Project (ITLCMP)      
Janet Warfield Cheryl Lubinski  Illinois State University Teachers Teaching Teachers      
Michael Mimnaugh   Chicago State University The Chicago Collaborative for High School Science Education and Outreach     Web Site
Alice Giacobbe   Northeastern Illinois University Teaching Enhancement Activities in Math/Science (TEAMS) Project      
Sandra Westbrooks, Debra Harvey  Chicago State University Improving Teacher Quality through Human Relations      
Carl Wenning   Illinois State University Chicago ITQ Science Project     Web Site
Zafra Lerman Marcelo Caplan  Columbia College Chicago Creating the Critical Mass for a Chain Reaction of Change      
Marylin Lisowski Bob Williams  Eastern Illinois University Project TEAMS (Technological Enhancements and Applications in Math and Science)      
Nick Osborne   Eastern Illinois University Leadership for the Improvement of Teaching Performance      
Eugene Dunkley   Greenville University Improving Teacher Quality in Science Education: The Southwest Illinois Partnership      
James Rabchuk   Western Illinois University Improving the Quality of High School Physics Teaching in West Central Illinois      
Sadegh Khazaeli   Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Hands-on Chemistry: Improving Secondary Chemistry Teacher Quality in Southwestern and the Metro East St. Louis Region      
Eric Voss   Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Improving Middle School Science Teacher Quality in Southwestern Illinois and the Metro East St. Louis Region      
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