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Please complete the following application/nomination materials to receive consideration for the Nurse Educator Fellowship Program. Fellowship nominations are limited to no more than three (3) full-time nursing faculty members per eligible institution per award cycle. A separate application/nomination form is required for each Fellowship nominee. All applications must be submitted online.

There are two steps for entering an online application: (1) register and receive an application number assigned by the system and (2) enter and submit the information that makes up the application. You will not need to enter all application information at one time. You may log in and log out of the system as time permits. To enter an online application, please follow these steps:

Registration Process

Step 1: The Chief Nursing Administrator must register with the system by entering contact information. Several eligibility questions will be asked about the Nominee. If the Nominee is not eligible, you will not be able to continue with the application process.

Step 2: After the contact information is entered, you will receive an e-mail with your login ID, password, and application number. Be sure to print and save your login ID, password, and application number.

Application Process

Step 1: Log in to the system with your assigned login ID, password, and application number. Only one login ID and password is assigned per application; therefore, the nominating institution’s Chief Nursing Administrator and the nominee must work jointly on the application. All sections of the application must be entered into the online system. (Note: If the nominee completes the form in a Microsoft Word format, this information can be cut and pasted into the online system to eliminate re-keying of that information.)

Step 2: Complete the following sections:

  • Section I : Provide the institutional contact information requested. [To be completed by the Chief Nursing Administrator.]
  • Section II : Provide information to verify the eligibility of the nominee and a brief narrative describing the nominee’s contributions to your nursing program. [To be completed by the Chief Nursing Administrator.]
  • Section III : Provide (a)  qualifications for award and intent to remain employed as a nursing faculty member in the state, (b) anticipated use of Fellowship funds, (c) a current vitae or resume. [To be completed by the Nominee.]

Step 3: Print the Signature Page and obtain all required signatures.  Mail the original Signature Page to: Illinois Board of Higher Education, Attn: FY2014 Nurse Educator Fellowship, 431 East Adams Street, Second Floor, Springfield, IL 62701-1404.

Contact Person: All questions should be directed to Trish Fenton at 217/557-7385 or

Online Application Forms

Application deadline is October 25, 2013

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