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March 11, 2010

Reacts to Gov. Quinn’s Budget Message

SPRINGFIELD – “The fiscal 2011 budget unveiled by Governor Quinn is notable for its effort to keep the doors of educational opportunity open for students with financial need. The spending plan sustains funding for the need-based Monetary Award Program, and we commend the Governor for making college affordability a high priority for the higher education budget.

“The Board of Higher Education also is pleased that Governor Quinn acknowledges the need for additional revenue and his intent to devote those dollars to education.

“While the higher education community is relieved that the proposed budget does not envision substantial cuts to higher education operations in FY11, we must also note that our colleges and universities have endured a significant erosion of state support for most of this decade. Even accounting for inflation, state support for higher education is $212 million, or 8.7%, less this fiscal year than it was in fiscal 2002. The 4.1% reduction for higher education in the Governor’s budget, while modest compared to the cuts proposed for K-12 schools, continues the funding retreat that undermines our ability to serve our students’ needs and the needs of the State.

“The Board’s budget recommendations propose investment steps that would advance the interests of students, families, and the state’s economic future by addressing the urgent economic and educational demands identified in the Illinois Public Agenda for College and Career Success. We continue to believe that budget will best serve students, our higher education institutions, and the State of Illinois.”


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