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May 17, 2010


SPRINGFIELD –Carrie J. Hightman, chairwoman of the Illinois Board of Higher Education, commended the Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees for its decision to forego an increase in tuition for students entering the university in the fall.

“Given the dire economic times we’ve experienced, the decline in state support for higher education, and the enormous backlog of unpaid state appropriations, Southern Illinois University’s decision makes affordability for student its top priority,” Hightman said.

“The Board of Higher Education commends President Glenn Poshard and the SIU trustees for this courageous move in the face of a true financial meltdown in the state,” she added. “This action reflects a true commitment to meeting Goal 2 of the Illinois Public Agenda for College and Career Success – making Illinois one of the five most affordable states in the nation in which to pursue a college education.”

The SIU Board of Trustees voted Thursday to maintain 2010-11 tuition at this year’s level. Under the “truth-in-tuition” law, students entering either of the university’s two campuses this fall will have tuition rates frozen for four years.

“We know our public institutions are under severe financial strain,” Hightman said. “And given the state’s failure to meet its funding responsibilities, university leaders have had little option but to turn to students and families to fill the void. For many Illinois students and their families still considering if they can afford to go to college this fall, SIU’s commitment to keep college costs down may be a deciding factor for choosing  to start their college career at SIU.”


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