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FY 2013 Online Application Submission Instructions
Improving Teacher Quality State Grant Program

The Illinois Board of Higher Education is offering online application materials available at the IBHE website: . Note: Original signatures must be obtained on the cover page (Attachment 1) and mailed to the Illinois Board of Higher Education; 431 East Adams, 2nd Floor; Springfield, Illinois 62701-1404.

Please review these instructions before initiating the online application process. Since this application consists of several attachments in Microsoft Word and Excel formats, the system has been designed so that each attachment is submitted as an individual document.

There are two steps for entering an online application: (1) register and receive an application number assigned by the system and, (2) enter and submit the actual information that makes up the various attachments to the application. You will not be required to enter all application information at one time. You may log in and log out of the system as time permits.

Registration Process

Step 1 Register with the system by entering contact information (name, address, etc.) and selecting a project name from the drop down list.

Step 2 After the contact information is entered, you will receive an e-mail with your login id, password, and application number. Multiple applications may be entered since each application has a unique application number assigned. Be sure to print and save your login id, password, and application number. After registering, download each blank attachment from the online system onto your computer and complete it

Application Process

Step 1 Login to the system with assigned login id, password, and application number. Enter: (1) a project synopsis (2) the budget figures by line item and (3) partnership members. This information can be copied and pasted from other electronic documents.

Step 2 After completion, the attachments may be uploaded to the online system.

In the status column of the attachment checklist screen, an "X" indicates that the attachment has not yet been uploaded. A check mark indicates that the particular attachment has been uploaded.

After each attachment has been uploaded, the system will proceed to step 3.

Step 3 In this final step the information is verified for accuracy and you are allowed to submit the application to the IBHE. After the application is submitted, you will receive an e-mail confirming that your application has been successfully submitted.

If you experience problems or have questions about the use of this system, please contact Rich Jachino at 217-557-7339 or send an e-mail note to: Thank you for your help and assistance in streamlining the NCLB grant application process.

Online Application Forms and Materials

Application deadline is February 11, 2013

Application Materials

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