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Quarterly reports are a new requirement for state grants  (Public Act 96-795, Section 95-40).  Under the new law, grantees are required to file quarterly reports describing the progress of the program, project, or use and the expenditure of the grant funds.  The Illinois Board of Higher Education is implementing this requirement with the administration of fiscal year 2010 grants.   

The new IBHE online system will make filing quarterly reports quick and easy. Since reports are required in three-month intervals during the entire grant period, a Quarterly Report Schedule has been established for each grant and is available online.   Accessing the IBHE online system requires the grantee’s information used in the online application (email address, password, and application number).  Trish Fenton will assist those who have forgotten passwords and need new information.   Grantees will be able to submit the required quarterly reports using the online system with a few keystrokes.

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