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Permit of Approval – New Institution: This application is for new institutions and out of state institutions who are seeking to operate a site in Illinois or those institutions which have not provided any instruction for one year and wish to resume operations in Illinois.  This application does not grant institutions authority to provide instruction at the proposed site.  The New Program of Study application must be submitted in conjunction with this application for each new program and/or course of study an institution seeks approval to offer.

Instructions: The following links will open up the documents you need to complete and submit to IBHE to apply for the permit of approval. You can save the documents in one of two ways: either (1) right click and select “save link as” or (2) click on the link opening the document and then save the blank application files to your computer.

Files are pdf, MS Word, and MS Excel formats. Some need to be completed and returned; others are for your information.

Once you complete all items, follow the instructions in the document “Application” under the “General Information” section that explains how to submit them as a package to the IBHE for consideration.

Note that fees are assessed for the review of applications. The fees were approved so that IBHE would have the staff to review applications and complete PBVS oversight activities. Payment of the fee does not guarantee issuance of the permit of approval.



Questions regarding the application or review process can be directed to

PBVS Staff

  • Stephanie Bernoteit
    Deputy Director
  • Nina Tangman
    Associate Director
  • Adam Campbell
    Assistant Director
  • James Matthew
    Assistant Director
  • Kristin Wheeler
    Assistant Director
  • Michelle Shaver
    Support Staff
  • Phone : 217.782.2551
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