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  • Salaries and Fringe Benefits at Illinois Colleges and Universities
  • Opportunities for Leadership: Strategies for Improving Faculty Diversity in Illinois Higher Education .pdf (8/2003)
    In April 2003, the Board presented a study on ways to increase faculty diversity and directed staff to circulate the study and its preliminary recommendations among members of Illinois higher education and other interested persons for their comments and suggestions. The final report, revised as a result of these consultations, is included in these agenda materials.

    This companion document highlights the final report's recommendations, itemizes the cost of implementation, describes comments received on the April preliminary report, explains changes made to that report, and presents the list of final recommendations for consideration by the Board. There also is a brief summary of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on the use of race/ethnic criteria in admissions at the University of Michigan.

  • Public College and University Reports on Nontenure-track Faculty .pdf (6/2003)
    This report presents a summary of the development, scope, and format of public college and university plans and initiatives in three broad policy areas: helping nontenure-track faculty be more effective teachers, integrating nontenure-track faculty into the campus community, and ensuring appropriate use and compensation of nontenure-track faculty.

  • Opportunities for Leadership: Strategies for Improving Faculty Diversity in Illinois Higher Education .pdf (4/2003)
    This report presents findings of a study of faculty diversity prompted by a 2001 report of the Board of Higher Education: "Gateway to Success: Rethinking Access and Success for a New Century." This report concentrates on minority faculty, but also examines the representation of female faculty and issues facing faculty with disabilities. The study finds that faculty diversity enhances the education of all students. It puts forward proposals to increase faculty diversity by drawing more effectively from faculty pools, improving the search process and campus climate, and strengthening accountability. The report emphasizes the critical role of campus leadership. It also shows how the Board can support institutional leaders through more effective statewide action. Staff will present a final report with recommendations at the August meeting.
  • Update of Board Study on Faculty Diversity .pdf (12/2002)
    This item provides a brief update on the Board's study of faculty diversity.

  • Study on Faculty Diversity: Plans and Process.pdf (8/2002)
    The lack of diversity among higher education faculty remains a widely discussed issue at Illinois colleges and universities and throughout the nation. This item outlines the reasons for addressing this issue, anticipated avenues of inquiry, and the process envisioned for collecting information and opinion.

  • All Faculty Matter! A Study of Nontenure-Track Faculty at Illinois Public Colleges and Universities .pdf (2/2002)
    This Study Committee's report responds to a joint resolution of the Illinois General Assembly requesting that the Board report on issues affecting the use and compensation of part-time and full-time nontenure-track faculty. The Committee collected extensive information and commissioned the Center for Governmental Studies to survey all types of faculty and key administrators on this topic. In Fall 2001, the Study Committee held public hearings in Springfield and Chicago. The report includes information on the characteristics, use, and compensation of nontenure-track faculty, as well as on broad statewide trends by faculty type. The Study Committee found that the talents and abilities of nontenure-track faculty are not as effectively used as they might be. The Committee's recommendations call for public institutions to formulate plans and policies to eliminate inequities among the nontenure track and to develop fully their abilities to contribute to student learning.
  • Update on Board Study of Part-time and Nontenure-Track Faculty at Public Universities .pdf (8/2001)
    This item provides an update on activities being undertaken as part of the study of the policies and practices affecting the use and compensation of part-time and nontenure-track faculty at public universities.

  • Establishment and Appointment of a Committee to Study Part-time and Nontenure-Track Faculty at Public Institutions .pdf (4/2001)
    House Joint Resolution 19, adopted by the General Assembly in November 2000, directs the Board of Higher Education to undertake a study of the use and compensation of part-time and nontenure-track faculty. This item recommends appointment of a committee to undertake this study and presents a charge to the committee.
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