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  • Proposed Amendments to Rules: Health Services Education Grants Act Program .pdf (12/2005)
    This item recommends approval of the emergency amendments and proposed amendments to the rules for administration of the Health Services Education Grants Act program for filing with the Secretary of State and publication in the Illinois Register.

  • Report from Committee on Health Professions Education Programs .pdf (8/2003)
    This item presents the findings and recommendations of the Board's Committee on Health Professions Education Programs. The Committee was charged with assessing educational needs in the health professions and the extent to which Illinois higher education is supplying qualified professionals to address these needs; reviewing enrollment, graduation, and cost trends over the last ten years; reviewing the Health Services Education Grants Act program and recommending any adjustments necessary to coincide with policy recommendations, strengthen program accountability, and ensure that formula components align health education programs to statewide goals; and reviewing current Board policies concerning health education professions and recommend changes as necessary to address current and projected needs.

    The report concludes that the current policies are adequate and should be maintained. The report recommends adjustments to the Board's priorities and guidelines to reflect current statewide needs in the health professions. Adjustments to these priorities will necessitate changes to the programs currently supported under the Health Services Education Grants Act (HSEGA) program, ensuring that state resources are targeted to those areas of highest need. The Committee recommends that health professions policies and priorities be reviewed every four years, new grant categories to address emerging needs for doctoral programs in nursing and physical therapy, and additional accountability measures for the HSEGA program. (Presentation by James L. Kaplan)
  • Report on Dental Education: A Report to the Illinois General Assembly in Response to House Resolution 334 - Phase II .pdf (2/2002)
    This report addresses issues relating to the recruitment and retention of qualified faculty and the adequacy of facilities and equipment in dental assisting, dental hygiene, and dental laboratory technology programs. The report concludes that most institutions offering these programs do not have significant difficulty in attracting and retaining faculty, nor do they indicate that programs are hampered due to physical facilities or equipment.

  • Dental Education Study Status Report .pdf (8/2001)
    House Resolution 334 directs the Board of Higher Education, in consultation with Deans of the dental schools at Southern Illinois University and the University of Illinois at Chicago, to study issues facing dental education in Illinois. This item presents a status report and a general outline for the report, which will be undertaken in two phases. The first phase of the report, which will be submitted to the General Assembly on October 1, 2001, will address recruitment and retention of qualified dental school faculty; technical and equipment needs; retention of dental school graduates in Illinois; and the role of research. The second phase, which will be completed in January 2002, will focus on the recruitment and retention of qualified faculty for other oral health care programs.
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