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Web Accessibility Reports

Public Institutions’ Web Accessibility
Evaluation, Plans for Improvement, and Annual Reporting

The information age has introduced new accessibility barriers to people with disabilities in the form of electronic resources such as Internet access to the World Wide Web (web). To address the increasing need for user-centered web designs, a resolution adopted by the Illinois Board of Higher Education on October 5, 2004 directs the Board to:

  • encourage each public university to identify the current state of its web accessibility,
  • encourage each public university to develop, between Fall 2005 and Spring 2006, a detailed plan to continuously improve the institution’s Worldwide Web accessibility (including specific goals and activities; publicity, administration, instructional and departmental web service; and purchasing requirements for web services and tools), and
  • require that institutions report on the status of their Worldwide Web accessibility as part of the annual Underrepresented Groups Report (beginning with reports submitted in the winter of 2006).

Based on guidelines developed by Board staff, public institutions submitted reports in spring 2006 that outline the current status of their web sites and plans for future improvements.

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