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Board Agendas, Minutes & Audio

For copies of board items, reports, or audio recordings of board meetings prior to 2016, please send your requests to Board Secretary.

September 27, 2016 Board Meeting

St. Xavier University
Butler Reception Room, Warde Academic Center
3700 West 103rd Street
Chicago, IL

I. Call to Order

  • Call Meeting to Order, Chairman Tom Cross

II. Welcome and Remarks

  • Welcome by President, Christine Wiseman
  • Welcome and remarks by Chairman Tom Cross
  • Remarks by Executive Director Dr. James L. Applegate

III. The Illinois Public Agenda for College and Career Success

    College to Career Connection Panel Presentation

      Ms. Anna Gatlin Schilling, Vice President, National Engagement and Strategic Communications, USA Funds; Ms. Amy Sherman, Associate Vice President of Innovation and Policy, Council for Adult and Experiential Learning; Mr. Jason Keller, Lead Examiner, Community Development and Policy Studies, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago; Mr. John Rico, CEO, Rico Enterprises, Inc.; Dr. Alice Marie Jacobs, Board Member, IBHE and Past President, Danville Area Community College; and Dr. Eric L. Lichtenberger, Deputy Director for Information Management and Research, IBHE

IV. Resolutions and Recognition

  • Resolution Honoring Board Member, Dr. Addison Woodward
  • Resolution Honoring Board Member, Robert Ruiz
  • Resolution Honoring Board Member, Allan Karnes

V. Reports and Updates

  • Advisory Committee Report – Dr. Ronald Kimberling, Proprietary Advisory Committee
  • Advisory Committee Report – Mr. Dave Tretter, Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities
  • Action Team Reports
    • Advocacy for Quality Higher Education – Ms. Jane Hays
    • Improving Affordability – Ms. Christine Wiseman
    • Reducing Attainment Gaps – Dr. Teresa Garate
    • Increasing Non-Traditional and Adult Completions Aligned with Economic Needs –

VI. Budget Overview

    1. Fiscal Year 2017 Grant Allocations

VII. Program Reviews

    1. New Units of Instruction at Public Community Colleges (Dr. Daniel Cullen)
    2. New Operating and/or Degree-Granting Authority for Independent Institutions (Dr. Daniel Cullen)
    3. New Units of Instruction, Public Service, and Research at Public Universities (Dr. Daniel Cullen)

    VIII. Discussion Items

    1. Executive Committee

    IX. Consent Agenda

    1. Board Meeting Minutes – June 21, 2016
    2. Fiscal Year 2016 and 2017 Financial Report as of August 31, 2016
    3. Public University Non-Instructional Capital Project Approval
    4. 2017 Board Meeting Calendar

    X. Information Items

    1. Illinois Transfer and Articulation Initiatives Annual Report 2016-2017
    2. Fiscal Year 2016/2017 Appropriations for Higher Education, Governor’s Action
    3. Setting a Context for Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Development
    4. Legislative Update

    XI. Public Comment

    XII. Other Matters

    XI. Adjournment