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Welcome to IBHE's Enrollment and Degree Data Tool.

The database is searchable by completing as many fields as needed. A table resulting from each search can be as small or extensive, depending on the fields selected. The result can be exported into Microsoft Excel, Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt) or Comma Separated Value (*.csv) by clicking the Export button.

The database contains a variety of information, including types of institutions (sectors) and institution names, degree levels, fall enrollments and degrees awarded by fiscal year going, race and gender, and fields of study going all the way back to 1996. The application also enables the result that can be grouped by year(default), sector, institution name, degree levels, and field of study by selecting check boxes. In addition, a table resulting from each search can be seen as Number or Percentage by choosing the Results option buttons.

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If you have any questions about a search or the database, contact the Board of Higher Education at info@ibhe.org.

Starting with the 2017 enrollment and completions data, IBHE transitioned to populating the enrollment and degrees system with student-level information it collected through its component of the Illinois Longitudinal Data System. Because this process was entirely new, IBHE has allowed many of the schools to resubmit their enrollment and graduation files when data quality issues are identified. This has led to slight delays in updating some of the information.

NOTE: IBHE Fall Enrollments and Awards conferred database's CIP Codes were updated from IPEDS CIP2000 CIP Codes to CIP2010 CIP Codes. If you would like to see more information about CIP2010 CIP Code list, resources, and crosswalk, please visit IPEDS CIP User Site .