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Illinois Board of Higher Education
Strategic Planning

The Illinois Board of Higher Education, in cooperation with the Illinois Community College Board and the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, is developing a 10-year strategic plan for higher education. This strategic planning process is designed to address systemic inequities that have affected Illinois’ postsecondary outcomes, the needs of the state’s economy, and postsecondary attainment.

The vision is for Illinois to have an equitable, accessible, innovative, nimble, and aligned higher education ecosystem that ensures individuals, families, and communities across the state thrive.

This strategic plan will focus on:

  • Increasing postsecondary credential and degree attainment to develop the talent that drives Illinois’s economy
  • Closing equity gaps for those who have been left behind by the higher education system
  • Improving affordability, increasing access, and managing costs.

IBHE Strategic Plan - A Thriving Illinois

Feel free to review:

If you would like a recording of the strategic planning town hall meetings held on the draft plan, please send your requests to the board secretary.

Draft Strategic Plan 4/23/21