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Strategies for College Readiness

Reducing the number of students in zero-credit developmental education courses at the post-secondary level in Illinois is important in ensuring that students finish their programs, graduate within a clear and reasonable timeframe, and reach their goal of a higher education with a credential.

Transitional Math

In Illinois, only three years of high school math are required to graduate from high school and be admitted to most colleges and universities, freeing hard-working students to take Transitional Math in the senior year, begin their transition to college and career, and ensure they retain math skills.

The PWR Act identifies three math pathways for students to choose based on their educational or career interests: Technical Math Pathway for students interested in vocational programs and non-science vocations; Statistics and Quantitative Literacy Pathway for students interested in non-science majors or careers; and the STEM Pathway for students interested in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics majors and careers. All transitional math courses are high school courses and do not count for college credit.

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All transitional math pathway courses are high school courses and do not count for college-level credit.

Completion of the appropriate course in each pathway with a grade of C or better guarantees that the student will be placed in a credit-bearing college-level math course at all Illinois community colleges and at participating public universities. However, successful completion of a transitional math pathway does not negate the necessity for taking a placement test for more advanced math classes.

Please see the Illinois Community College Board website for additional information about math placement at community colleges:

Transitional Math
Public commenting website for transitional math competencies and policies


For a full overview of the PWR Act, transitional math details, requirements, curriculum development, and participants, please visit the PWR website:

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Transitional English

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Please see the following table and links for additional information:

Transitional math in the STEM Pathway, Transitional math in the QL/Statistics Pathway, Transitional math in the Technical Math Pathway,
College-level,credit-bearing math courses only

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