About IBHE Statutory Responsibilities

IBHE's Statutory Responsibilities Include:

Master Planning

Analyzing the needs and requirements of Illinois' higher education system and modifying policies that guide the state's system of public and private colleges and universities.


Recommending to the Governor and the General Assembly budgetary needs for operations, grants, and capital improvements for higher education institutions and agencies.

Program Approval

Approving or denying proposals by public university governing boards and the Illinois Community College Board for new units of instruction, research, or public service; also, reviewing existing instruction, research, and public service programs to determine their continued educational and economic justification.

Institution Approval

Authorizing independent (non-profit, proprietary, Private Business and Vocational Schools, and out-of-state) institutions to operate and offer degree programs or postsecondary programs in Illinois; also, reviewing to assure that these institutions maintain the condition under which they were authorized to operate, and revoke operating authority when necessary.

Grants Administration

Administering state and federal higher education grant programs.

Information System

Maintaining a comprehensive data information system concerning Illinois higher education.