IBHE- Stay The Course

We know there is a lot of uncertainty, but one thing that is certain is that Illinois colleges and universities remain one of the best, most affordable options for many during the COVID-19 crisis. Whether that means working online to be safe, or a socially-distanced in-person experience, Illinois colleges and institutions will be here.

Earning a post-secondary credential is critical to the personal and professional success of our students. Yet a significant percentage of students who take time off never complete college, and that is especially true of low-income students, rural students and students of color. The best place for young people to be is in school earning credentials that will get them a good job when the economy comes back.


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Why Stay The Course?

Regardless of what or how they chose to study, earning post-secondary credentials is CRITICAL TO THE PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS of Illinois students.

Almost all of the new jobs created since the 2008 recession require some kind of CREDENTIAL BEYOND HIGH SCHOOL.

A significant percentage of students who take gap years NEVER COMPLETE COLLEGE, and that is especially true of low-income students, rural students and students of color.

Most of the jobs lost in the recession and in the current economic collapse due to the virus are in LOWER-SKILL JOBS.

Illinois colleges are HERE TO HELP STUDENTS STAY SAFE AND ON TRACK by following direction from the experts and Governor Pritzker’s Restore Illinois Plan for reopening the economy. We’re committed to a safe learning experience—whether it is socially-distanced or online.