Transfer Enrollment

Interactive Transfer Enrollment Dashboards

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This dashboard provides institution-specific transfer information going back to 2000 and allows for disaggregation by race/ethnicity and gender.
The statewide transfer dashboard includes single-year snapshot information and allows for some basic disaggregation (race/ethnicity and gender). Other components of this dashboard allow for long-term trend analysis of transfers going back to 2000.
The sending sector dashboard includes snapshot information from a single year, while also allowing for trend analysis going back to 2000 and disaggregation by race/ethnicity and gender. It provides a data visualization (Sankey diagram) that depicts the flow of students from their sending college to their receiving college disaggregated by sector.
The receiving sector dashboard includes a single-year snapshot of transfer information, while also allowing for the visualization of long-term trends going back to 2000. It also highlights the disaggregation of the information by race/ethnicity and gender and provide a visualization that depicts the reverse flow of students from their receiving sector to their sending sector.
This dashboard provides information on the academic majors of new transfer students from the perspectives of both the sending and receiving institutions as well as their interaction. It also allows for disaggregation by race/ethnicity and gender.
This dashboard provides the aggregate data that are being used to generate the data visualizations in the other dashboards. It has a download feature and allows for customization based on user preference, while focusing on the sending and receiving aspects of the student transfer process.