Transfer Enrollment

Academic Majors for New Undergraduate Transfers

About the Data

This interactive site includes information from a few different sources: a) the Illinois Board of Higher Education’s Fall Enrollment Survey II; b) the Illinois Board of Higher Education’s student-level fall enrollment collection; and c) Fall enrollment from the Illinois Community College Board’s Centralized Data System.
The information presented in the dashboard is Illinois-centric and emphasizes the relationships between sending and receiving institutions which are primarily in Illinois; however, many transfer students emanate from outside the state and to simplify the presentation of information, such students are placed in a single category (out-of-state).
It should be noted that all the information originally emanates from the colleges and while we try to collect and present as much transfer information as possible, we do not collect the sending institution for every transfer student (in some cases it just isn’t available). Such students end up in the ‘unknown’ category. IBHE did not collect fall enrollment for AY2013 and unfortunately that information cannot be included in the visualizations.
Total undergraduate enrollment in fall 2016 and prior includes non-degree undergraduates. For 2017 forward, non-degree undergraduates are not included in the total.