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Special Board Meeting

November 22, 2019 1:00 p.m.

70 West Madison St.
2nd Floor Conference Center
Chicago,IL 60602

For audio recordings, please send your requests to the
Board Secretary.

A. Call to Order/Roll call

  • Call Meeting to Order, John Atkinson, Chair

B. Welcome and Remarks

  • Welcome and remarks by Chair John Atkinson

C. Presentations Not Requiring Board Action

  1. Presentations from Senior Staff on Current Work
  1. Arthur Sutton, Deputy Director for Diversity and Outreach
  2. Eric Lichtenberger, Deputy Director for Information Management & Research
  3. Stephanie Bernoteit, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs
  4. Nyle Robinson, Interim Executive Director & Deputy Director for Fiscal Affairs & Budgeting
  1. Master Planning – Dennis Jones

D. Public Comment

E. Other Business

F. Adjournment