Planning & Budgeting Annual Reports

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Gender Equity in Intercollegiate Athletics

This report is presented in accordance with state statute, which authorizes institutions of higher education to grant tuition waivers for the purpose of attaining gender equity in intercollegiate athletics and requires the IBHE to report to the Governor and the General Assembly on the use of gender equity tuition waivers and the progress made in achieving gender equity in intercollegiate athletics

2017 Report (pdf) - 4/2017

Higher Education Veterans Service Act - Fiscal Impact of Programs and Services

2018 (pdf)
2017 (pdf)
2016 (pdf)
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2013 (pdf)

Faculty Salary and Benefits Study

This report is no longer produced by IBHE

Report to Illinois General Assembly on Public University Tuition and Fee Waivers

FY 2017 (pdf)
FY 2016 (pdf)
FY 2015 (pdf)
FY 2014 (pdf)
FY 2013 (pdf)

Annual Report On Public University Revenues And Expenditures

FY 2018 (pdf)
FY 2017 (pdf)
FY 2016 (pdf) (updated 4/2017)
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FY 2013 (pdf)