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Higher Education State Budget

Fiscal Affairs & Budgeting

The Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) is required to annually submit to the Governor and the General Assembly budget recommendations for the ensuing fiscal year for higher education programs, pursuant to Section 8 of the Board of Higher Education Act. (110 ILCS 205)

The Fiscal Affairs division is responsible for researching, analyzing, and developing the annual recommendations with guidance from the Board members, information from the public universities and higher education agencies (Illinois Community College Board, Illinois Student Assistance Commission, and State University Civil Service Commission) and assistance from staff. In addition, the IBHE is to submit the recommendations from the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy pursuant to Section 9.18 of the Act. Each year the Board members review information regarding the context for budget development, consider the staff recommendations, and approve a final budget recommendation for higher education that is submitted to the Governor and General Assembly.

The Budget Office supports the daily operations of the Board and meets the fiscal requirements set by the laws, rules, regulations, and directives. The requirements includes performing daily operational accounting, processing payroll and benefits, purchasing, maintaining accounting records, providing financial reports, and meeting all compliance requirements. 

Tuition, Fees and Subsidies

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